Premium day care services are offered at our pet resort on the Gold Coast, Monday thru Saturday.

Our Doggy Day Care is perfect for owners looking to give their pets a day of positive social interaction and playtime with other dogs in a safe and caring environment.

Doggy Day Care is hosted in our wonderful dog lounge, amply equipped with day beds, toys and water bowls, thoughtfully placed across a selection of sunny, shaded and sheltered areas giving our doggy day care guests plenty of options depending upon the day and their preferences.

The majority of our day care guests come from working families, so they tend to arrive relatively early in the day (typically between 7:30am and 8:30am although we are happy to accept guests right through until midday), with all guests being collected towards the end of the day in our 4:30pm to 5:00pm pick-up window.

All doggy day care guests enjoy unlimited playtime with their fellow day care buddies, as well as play sessions and cuddles with staff plus a group walk with their day care friends throughout the magnificent surrounds of our facility.

If you’d like your pet to add any additional services to your dog’s day care visit such as a hydrobath or nail trimming, just let our friendly staff know and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Our day care services are an ideal option for those owners who would like to see their pets have the opportunity to socialise and play with other dogs in a safe, relaxed and caring environment.

At Midtown Pet Centre, we offer clients exceptional dog daycare Gold Coast services. 

Your furry friend will love staying in our fully climate-controlled guest rooms while you are busy in the office or running errands. We’re confident your pet will adore his cosy bedding, toys, food, water, and other amenities at Midtown Pet Centre. Before long, he or she will eagerly anticipate his next visit.

Midtown Pet Centre has provided a great experience for 1000s of dogs at our Gold Coast dog daycare for over 40 years.

Our owner-operator David has strong dog training credentials along with a veterinary background, ensuring we have strong experience in managing dogs with all types of personality traits and behaviours.

Our staff members know how to interpret your pet’s signals—whether your dog wants to play, eat, or rest, they will respond appropriately with love. You will have valuable peace of mind knowing our small and devoted team of animal lovers will pamper your pooch during its daily stay with us.

Our team members provide valuable dog daycare services throughout the year, including on most public holidays.

If you need someone to look after your precious pooch while you run errands on a Saturday, we will welcome him or her with open arms.

Your pooch will receive first-class treatment at our Gold Coast dog daycare. Our rates include regular walks and play sessions that boost his or her physical and mental health at our secure 10-acre property. We will love and care for your pet dog, regardless of his or her breed or personality. 


All of our guests at Midtown Pet Centre enjoy both indoor and outdoor time. Your pet will begin each day with outdoor play sessions with other dog day care guests.

Our staff members will accompany your pet and one of his best buddies to a comfortable, air-conditioned indoor room where he or she will have lunch. 

Our daycare dogs will also go on a lengthy on-lead walk after their meal. They will also enjoy play sessions in the afternoon to stimulate their senses. As the day winds down, your dog’s handler will lead him back to his indoor room to enjoy some quiet time and to settle down before pick up time.

We limit our dog daycare program to five dogs on any given day. We think that’s the best number to ensure each pooch is given the attention it deserves.

Absolutely. We designed our dog daycare Gold Coast program so your pet will develop his or her socialising skills.

Importantly, we try to structure each day according to the dogs’ demeanours to maximise harmony and compatibility. For example, we will accommodate a group of smaller pooches on one day while we welcome more active, playful dogs on another.

And we know we know we are on the right track with this, as we see their socialisation progress regularly. And happy owners quite often make comment on their progress as well.

David and his partner Charlotte manage Midtown Pet Centre, a family operation that has thrived in the Gold Coast for the past 40 years. They have extensive experience and credentials in handling dogs. 

David assisted his family’s veterinary practice during his childhood. Eventually, his fascination for dogs encouraged him to join the Rottweiler Club of Victoria. During his tenure, he successfully competed in Obedience Trials for many years. 

Charlotte has worked with dogs as a veterinary nurse for many years. Prior to that, she was a dairy farmer who trained dogs to assist her on her farm.

At Midtown Pet Centre, we love the fact that we have several regular guests who visit us once or twice a week. 

One of our favourite daycare dogs is a German Shorthaired Pointer named Rupert. When he first visited our Gold Coast dog daycare, he was reluctant and nervous around other dogs.

Initially, under the guidance of an expert handler, Rupert mingled with other dogs at a low arousal level in a safe and supportive environment for the first few weeks. At first, Rupert was reactive around other dogs and bristled and showed fear-based aggression if they approached too closely. 

Nevertheless, we worked hard with Rupert and he slowly developed his social skills over the next several weeks. To our amazement, we eventually left him off-leash where he interacted with other pet dogs at our facility. Witnessing Rupert’s remarkable development was an incredibly rewarding experience we pride ourselves on.

It is a flat rate of $37 for each dog, regardless of size.

We also offer additional services including a warm hydrobath and blow dry for $20 and nail clipping for $15.

We’re confident our dog daycare rates are among the most competitive on the Gold Coast.

EFFECTIVE 1 July 2024

Doggy Day Care Rates

Day care (all dogs):

$37 per day

Additional Services:

Warm Hydrobath & Blow Dry – $20

Nail Clipping – $15

All Inclusive Pricing

  • Clean, comfortable bedding
  • Fresh, clean water available at all times
  • Unlimited socialisation and playtime
  • Plenty of staff care and affection
  • Group walk throughout our estate

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