All boarding kennels at our pristine property are fully climate controlled, guaranteeing that all dogs enjoy pleasant temperatures all year round. All guests’ rooms are furnished with clean, comfortable, non-allergenic bedding, an assortment of toys, and water bowls that are repeatedly replenished throughout the day with fresh, clean water.

Family owned and operated, David’s experience growing up as part of his family’s veterinary practice, combined with his competitive obedience trial experience ensures we can capably handle dogs of all temperaments.

Adding to the team, Midtown also employs a small team of well-trained, warm and compassionate animal lovers who provide the utmost level of care to our friendly four-legged guests. No matter what day of the year, including public holidays, there will always be dedicated family and staff available to tend to your pet’s every need.

Dogs are renowned for their unconditional love and loyalty and our friendly staff ensure that each and every canine guest receives the warmth and tenderness that they deserve. We understand that all dogs have unique traits and tendencies; some are wildly energetic, always eager to go for a walk, fetch a ball or simply frolic about, while others prefer a more laid-back pace, instead preferring to soak up the magnificent surrounds of our gorgeous hinterland estate.

The friendly team at Midtown Pet Centre stop at nothing to ensure that your pets receive the ultimate leisurely stay. Daily walks on our 10-acre estate and multiple free-play sessions in our securely fenced exercise areas are included within our standard room rates, meaning that there are no extra fees to pay to ensure your pet gets the most out of their stay.

If you have a social dog that revels in the company of others, we have a special buddy program available for them. Alternatively, if your pet is more independent and prefers a quieter setting, away from the others, they will still get plenty of exercise and enjoyment out of their playtime and through their relaxing walks with their attentive carer.

Regardless of your dog’s temperament, there’s an endless abundance of wide-open spaces for them to enjoy at our pet resort on the Gold Coast.

EFFECTIVE 1 September 2023

Dog Boarding Rates

Small Dogs (under 10kg):

$41 per dog per day
e.g. Bichon Frise, Chihuahua, Maltese, Shih Tzu etc.

Medium Dogs (10 – 30kg):

$44 per dog per day
Blue Heeler, Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel, English Staffy, Labradoodle, etc.

Large Dogs (over 30kg):

$46 per dog per day:
Bull Arab, Doberman, German Shepherd, Labrador, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiler, etc.

Public & School Holidays: a $4 premium applies to all Public Holiday long weekends and School Holiday periods. An additional surcharge of $20 per dog applies to all Public Holidays to cover our additional wage costs on those days.

All Inclusive Pricing

  • We provide complimentary bathing before departure for all 7day+ stays
  • Twice-daily on-lead walks and/or off-leash play sessions are included at no additional charge
  • All meals included (premium dry food plus our homemade chicken, rice and vegetable mix)
  • We offer free administration of any medications that you supply as well as unlimited care and
  • Fully climate-controlled suites
  • Purpose designed to incorporate natural light and fresh air
  • Comfortable bedding
  • Impeccably clean

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